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ABQ WORKS - Tim's Plan for Job Creation & Economic Development

Read the full plan here.

Creating jobs, fostering broad based economic growth and boosting innovation 

It’s time to fulfill Albuquerque’s enormous potential. As Mayor, I will prioritize real, concrete ideas to create jobs, ignite innovation, and foster broad-based economic growth.

For too long, our city’s economic development strategy has focused on trying to lure large, out-of-state employers to Albuquerque. While recruitment is an important piece of the puzzle, it is only one part of a larger economic development strategy. For Albuquerque to be successful, we must place increased emphasis on growing the incredible businesses located right here in the city. My approach focuses on creating jobs by establishing an economic environment in Albuquerque where every business, nonprofit, and entrepreneur can hire at least one more person.

As Mayor, I will work to build our economy from the ground up by investing in the growth of local businesses, while working to explore and enable game-changing developments with system-wide impact.

I bring a unique combination of skills to the job, including 15 years of private sector experience, deep public-sector experience and budget knowledge, and a track record of bringing together diverse coalitions to tackle difficult challenges.

The ideas outlined in this plan are drawn from my own experience in the public and private sectors as well as input from business and community leaders throughout Albuquerque. They include:





Read the full plan >>>>>

Read Tim's plan to attack crime from all sides in Albuquerque

Real Solutions for Making Albuquerque Safer

It’s time for Albuquerque to aim higher when it comes to our expectations of safety and security. We cannot have a safer city until we own our problems and hold our leaders accountable for reducing crime—and that begins with the mayor. The mayor is ultimately responsible for how well a city can keep its’ citizens safe and the current mayor has neglected his responsibility in this regard.TK Public Safety

As mayor, I will take on Albuquerque’s unacceptable crime epidemic head-first with a crime-fighting agenda that gives our police the tools they need to succeed, re-establishes trust between the city and the community, and seeks to end the generational cycles of crime that have bedeviled our city for decades.

Below is an outline of my comprehensive and detailed vision for fighting crime and making our city a safe place to live, work, and play. I want to thank the many current and former law enforcement officials and leaders from our city’s diverse communities who have informed this plan with their direct and indirect input. Additionally, thank you to the officers and investigators who have been kind enough to take me on “ride alongs” so I can experience first-hand what they go through on a nightly basis. Like all aspects of our shared vision, I believe a mayoral candidate should put forward a thoughtful starting place for plan, which will be refined, and can actually be implemented.

Read more >>>



Albuquerque is a strong and special place. But today we face immense challenges. We have the highest crime rate in a decade, not enough job opportunities, struggling schools, and too few are getting ahead while too many are being left behind.

Like many of you, I was born and raised here. And this is where my wife Liz and I are raising our own kids.

I believe, together, we can meet these challenges head on and build a safe, inclusive and innovative city that works for all of us.

To build a better city, we don't need just a mayor, we need a mission.

We need a movement.

That's why I'm running a grassroots, community-driven campaign and will be a publicly financed candidate. How we get there matters. Let's stand up against big money in city elections and bring a people-powered vision to the Mayor's office.