Attack Ads Are Retaliation

Albuquerque is a strong and special place. But our city faces real challenges and has endured too many excuses and too much finger-pointing from our local politicians and their entrenched financial backers. 

Throughout my public service, and in my campaign for Mayor, taking responsibility to find solutions has been a fundamental guiding principle. I’m humbled by the support of people from all walks of life who support my candidacy because they strive for leadership, and for solutions that are centered on our community, and standing up to the powerful and well connected, to actually get things done. 

As a result, it is no surprise that after weeks of offensive and misleading attacks, Arizona land developer Jeff Garrett came out as the money behind the negative campaign against my candidacy for Mayor. 

The motivation for these attacks is clear. I met with the Arizona developer, Jeff Garrett, and he explained how he wants millions of our tax dollars to subsidize his sprawl project, and that he will lose big without friends in City Hall.  

Apparently, I was the only candidate who told him straight up that I did not think that was in the best interested of Albuquerque taxpayers. That’s why he is using offensive images to scare our community into making him money. 

As I have stated from day one, as the father of two young children it is absolutely offensive to suggest that I would let anyone harm our kids, let alone make life easier for those who do. As State Senator from Albuquerque’s International District, I did vote for a bill in 2011 designed to bring statewide consistency for parole and monitoring of sex offenders. The Attorney General, sexual assault advocates and the sentencing board all supported the legislation.   

As State Auditor, I have been a champion for public safety and clearing the inexcusable rape kit backlog. That’s why victims advocates immediately stood in support of my record and the truth about these attacks. 

On top of the false negative campaign, Garrett’s public comments about crime in our city are a slap in the face to Albuquerque’s frontline officers who officially announced that they are standing with me as their choice for mayor because of my tough stance on public safety and plans to bring immediate crime relief to our families on day one.   

The Albuquerque Area Firefighters and many former law enforcement professionals have also put their support behind me specifically because they believe I am the candidate best suited to attack the unacceptable crime crisis in our city. 

Garrett’s totally uninformed assertions about jobs also ring hollow. 

I am grateful to have been endorsed by the ABQWest Westside Chamber of Commerce and local business leaders from across the city for my real plans to put local businesses first, and my track record of getting things done. As a State Senator, I passed the most bipartisan bills, including sponsoring public-private partnership legislation, tax reform, and economic development funding to keep local dollars at home. 

So why the false attacks? 

Because we have built a campaign that is truly resonating all across Albuquerque with families of every political stripe. Our efforts have been a unifying force, bringing together progressive, moderate and conservative officials who are standing together despite their divergent interests because they believe in my ability to get things done and bring real leadership for our city. 

This is unique. We rarely see such vast agreement on one candidate - in a field of 8 - from such varied interests and some see it as real threat their status quo.  

I am running to own the challenges, take responsibility for the solutions and lead the change our city needs to bring us together. I hope you will join us and I hope to earn your vote in Tuesday’s election.