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Monday January 23rd, 2017
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Keller Calls for Campaign Finance Transparency

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. - State Auditor and Mayoral candidate Tim Keller, who is pursuing public financing for his campaign, released a statement in regard to the recent Albuquerque Journal article entitled "Who is financing Albuquerque mayoral candidates?"

"How we elect our next Mayor matters," said Keller. "Our people-powered campaign will be fueled by $5 donations from thousands of people right here in Albuquerque - not the big money that we've come to expect from politics. It's time for every candidate running for Mayor to be up front with the people of Albuquerque about who is funding their campaigns and have our actions match our words when it comes to transparency."

As a publicly financed candidate, Keller filed an initial seed money report with the clerk's office that is available online and will file another report on April 1st detailing all seed money contributions. All qualifying contributions will be kept as public records by the City Clerk. As the Journal points out, candidates who are raising private funds, and are not currently in elected office with the City of Albuquerque, will not report any contributions until July.

Keller continued, "The public deserves to know who is funding Mayoral candidates, to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars, on a timely basis. That's why I'm calling on every Mayoral candidate to voluntarily disclose who is funding their campaigns, along with current City Officials and publicly financed candidates, and for the City Clerk to make necessary forms and a reporting process available. Our community deserves transparency throughout the Mayor’s race, not just after June. I also urge the City Council to update our local election laws to require -- at a minimum -- quarterly reporting for all municipal elections effective for this year's Mayoral and Council elections."

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After a successful business career, Tim Keller refocused his professional life to tackling some of the biggest challenges facing Albuquerque and New Mexico. Throughout his public service, from State Senator for Albuquerque’s International District to State Auditor, Tim has consistently challenged the status quo and developed a track record of real impact.

Tim was elected twice to the State Senate in one of the most diverse districts in New Mexico, encompassing Albuquerque's International District. He rose to the position of Majority Whip and successfully sponsored laws on wage retaliation prevention, immigrant protection, community schools, tax incentive reform, and an in-state business preference to create local jobs. He also had the distinction of passing the most bipartisan sponsored legislation during his tenure.

In 2014, Tim Keller was elected one of the youngest State Auditors in the country. His vision for the Auditor's office includes developing policies for distributing financial resources throughout the state more equitably and efficiently. He created New Mexico’s first Government Accountability Office (GAO) and pushed the office to the forefront of the state’s most critical issues. Responsible for financial oversight of over 900 state and local governments, Auditor Keller has championed a broad range of transparency efforts including highlighting billions in idle infrastructure funds, exposing fraudulent actions by elected officials, rebutting the myth of scarcity and tackling the rape kit backlog.

In addition to his public service, Tim spent fifteen years in the private sector, starting with fortune 500 companies and most recently helping Native American governmental financial operations. He also lived three years in Cambodia where he ran the nation's first IT social enterprise focused on hiring land mine victims and other disadvantaged persons.

Tim Keller was born and raised in Albuquerque and is an Eagle Scout and Kellogg Foundation Race Equity Fellow. Following graduation from St. Pius X High School, he attended the University of Notre Dame. He then went on to earn an MBA with honors from the Harvard Business School. Tim is also a devotee of heavy metal music, art history and food. He lives in Albuquerque with his wife, Liz, and their kids, Maya and Jack.