Check the Facts on False Lewis Attacks

You may have recently heard our opponent's attacks on Tim. Check the facts here!

With recent polls showing Keller nearing the critical 50% mark as well as earning significantly more trust from voters on the key issues of tackling our crime crisis and handling the economy, Dan Lewis has reached into the dirty tricks playbook to falsify Keller’s record and distort the truth.
Even worse is Dan Lewis’ hypocrisy when it comes to a real record of working to keep Albuquerque families safe. Over 8 years on the City Council, including a stint as Council President, Lewis has overseen the current crime crisis while thwarting efforts at reform.
Just like RJ Berry, Dan Lewis has been part of the problem and refused to support APD officers or needed reforms. 

  • Dan Lewis cut frontline APD officers from the budget.
    • Lewis sponsored the FY15 budget proposal, which notes, “the most significant impact to the FY/15 budget is the net deletion of 100 vacant police officer positions.” [P214]
  • Dan Lewis voted against retaining APD officers while we faced a shortage.

Dan Lewis won’t take responsibility or make tough decisions. 

  • Dan Lewis was absent for a key police oversight vote.
  • In 2017, Dan Lewis was absent on vote to affirm Albuquerque’s “Immigrant Friendly” status. 

Though he claims to be nonpartisan, Dan Lewis is a right-wing extremist who will push a personal, political agenda ahead of what’s right for Albuquerque families. 

  • Dan Lewis was an outspoken supporter of the failed effort to restrict a woman’s ability to make private medical decisions with her family and doctor. [Dan Lewis on Facebook 8/29/2013] 
  • Dan Lewis voted against supporting common-sense background checks for firearm transfers.
    • Voted against supporting HB77, legislation requiring a background check for a firearm transfer at a gun show [3/4/13, Council Vote] 
  • In the recent October 3rd election, Dan Lewis ran campaign ads touting himself as “the most conservative Republican” in the race. 

Check the facts on Keller’s record: 

Attacks on voting to repeal the costly, rare and ineffective death penalty also fall flat. While politicians like Dan Lewis talk tough to scare our families into giving him power, here’s the truth: 

  • coalition that included over 140 grassroots organizations whose members include family members of murder victims, law enforcement professionals, members of the clergy, and more than four thousand individual members from throughout New Mexico, praised the New Mexico legislature for realizing that the death penalty didn’t deter crime, didn’t prevent child abuse, did not keep our society safer and could put to death an innocent person. 
  • Tim stood with his constituents, including over two thirds of New Mexicans, who supported replacing the death penalty with life without parole plus restitution to victims' families.