Attack Crime From All Sides

Read Tim's plan to attack crime from all sides in Albuquerque

Real Solutions for Making Albuquerque Safer

It’s time for Albuquerque to aim higher when it comes to our expectations of safety and security. We cannot have a safer city until we own our problems and hold our leaders accountable for reducing crime—and that begins with the mayor. The mayor is ultimately responsible for how well a city can keep its’ citizens safe and the current mayor has neglected his responsibility in this regard.10tk.jpeg

As mayor, I will take on Albuquerque’s unacceptable crime epidemic head-first with a crime-fighting agenda that gives our police the tools they need to succeed, re-establishes trust between the city and the community, and seeks to end the generational cycles of crime that have bedeviled our city for decades.

Below is an outline of my comprehensive and detailed vision for fighting crime and making our city a safe place to live, work, and play. I want to thank the many current and former law enforcement officials and leaders from our city’s diverse communities who have informed this plan with their direct and indirect input. Additionally, thank you to the officers and investigators who have been kind enough to take me on “ride alongs” so I can experience first-hand what they go through on a nightly basis. Like all aspects of our shared vision, I believe a mayoral candidate should put forward a thoughtful starting place for plan, which will be refined, and can actually be implemented.

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Take better care of our front-line officers including showing them the respect and fairness they deserve for the hard jobs they do. Restore fair, objective, and transparent promotional tracks for front line officers.

Get cops out of cars and on bikes and on foot and in trusted communication with neighborhoods. Get at least 400 well-qualified, community policing-proven new officers on our streets to enable actual community policing. Push police paperwork activities from city into the community spaces.

Change the culture away from the “warrior” mentality that has plagued the department and eroded public trust and trust between officers to a “guardian” mentality. Remove the internal investigations, legal, and procurement departments from the functions of APD to provide greater oversight and accountability. Add ”teeth” to the policy oversight commission with real oversight powers. Lastly, given basic management tenets regarding turning around failing organizations in any organization, and the skyrocketing crime and other problems we are familiar with, the current management team must be replaced by a new team of leaders committed to the ideas outlined above.

A vision for a safe, inclusive, and innovative city must include common-sense gun laws. Albuquerque is too familiar with the toll that gun violence can take on a community. We must face the challenges of gun violence head on by holding accountable irresponsible gun dealers and straw purchasers when they break the law, and extending background checks to apply to all gun sales, including those conducted by unlicensed sellers. The threat of illegal guns is a threat to public safety and I will support local, state, and federal regulations that target the trafficking of illegal guns. While respecting the 2nd Amendment, we must also find common-sense solutions to decrease the escalating epidemic of gun violence and protect our children and families and all Albuquerque residents.