Energy Neutral City

Saturday April 22nd, 2017
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On Earth Day, Keller announces vision for an energy neutral city

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. - Today, candidate for Mayor of Albuquerque and current New Mexico State Auditor Tim Keller announced his vision of an energy neutral future for the city.

“Let’s embrace what makes Albuquerque special and commit to enacting big ideas to transform how our city uses and conserves energy,” said Keller. “That’s why as mayor, I will partner with local businesses to make Albuquerque’s city government energy neutral.”

The plan includes using existing structures to integrate solar, wind and distributed energy to make the city’s energy bill ‘net zero.’

Keller continued, “By leveraging city properties and solar and renewable energy financing packages, Albuquerque can achieve 100% energy neutrality in terms of our electricity bill in a surprisingly short amount of time. This is a big idea our city can use to demonstrate leadership when it comes to reducing our carbon footprint and renewable adaptation.”

Keller also expressed support for the recent announcement of a large investment in solar which will get the city about halfway to the goal of getting 25% of it’s power from solar by 2025, but added that with new leadership Albuquerque can do much more in a much shorter amount of time.

With national leadership in the process of rolling back much of the progress made on combating climate change in recent years, Keller also committed to standing with mayors from around the country in opposing the Trump administration’s anti-science efforts.

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