Fact Check

Where Does Tim Keller Stand on Sick Leave?

You may have seen flyers suggesting Tim is opposed to the Healthy Workforce Ordinance, which will be going to a vote on October 3rd, or you may have heard some candidates suggest that this ordinance is a job killer or will hold back our economic development. Are these claims true? 

In fact, Tim supports the Healthy Workforce Ordinance. As a father to two young children, with a wife who works full time as well, Tim recognizes how important sick leave is for our working families. No one should have to choose between caring for themselves or a loved one, and being fired. None of us wants to catch a contagious illness because the cook at a restaurant was unable to take a sick day without fear of retaliation. 

The truth is that we cannot have a productive workforce unless we have a healthy workforce. Sick leave policies are not put in place to harm responsible business owners who treat their employees fairly; they're in place to constrain bad actors who won't treat their employees fairly. Studies have shown that sick leave helps prevent the spread of influenza and other illnesses. 

Our opponents want voters to believe there is no way to change the law once passed. That is absolutely false. A mayor and the council can work together to fix any unintended consequences of the law - without altering the substantive provisions.

Where Does Tim Keller Stand on Guns?

You may have heard that Tim Keller opposes gun ownership and the Second Amendment, and wants to take guns away from Albuquerque residents. Is this true? 

No! Tim supports responsible gun ownership by citizens, but more importantly opposes gun possession by convicted criminals.

92% of gun owners and 94% of voters support background checks on every gun sale, not just those conducted through licensed firearms dealers. The Second Amendment already does not protect the right of felons, domestic abusers, or other criminals to purchase firearms, and we have to get serious about our laws to make sure that we keep our city safe.

Tim Keller on False Sex Offender Attacks

You may have heard recent attack ads suggesting that Tim Keller supports sex offenders. These are absolutely false attacks. Read more below.

"As a father of two young children, it is absolutely offensive to suggest that I would let anyone harm our kids, let alone make life easier for those who do. What the attacks don’t tell you is that as a Senator, I fought for and passed the nation’s strongest sex offender laws to date, and as Auditor have been a champion for public safety and tackling the rape kit backlog to get sex offenders off our streets. These ads are being paid for by well connected special interests who are worried that they won't have a buddy in city hall. What our campaign is about is actually dealing with our crime issues, and it's going to take someone with real experience, who can actually get things done." Tim stated

In 2011, Tim cast a vote, along with many colleagues, on a proposal to enable consistent statewide restrictions on sex offenders to ensure there is oversight, reduce recurrence, and provide proper parole and monitoring, instead of through a patchwork of city by city ordinances. The NM Attorney General and the Sex Offender Management Board both supported this position.

These are false, partisan political attacks, from well-connected right-wing special interests who are worried they won't have a buddy in city hall. They are meant to distract from our real plans to attack crime and bring immediate relief to our families on day one.

That is the real experience, courage and policy thoughtfulness that makes Tim the most qualified candidate to actually get things done considering the challenges facing Albuquerque. 

Additionally, advocates for victims of sexual assault have publicly stated their support for Tim in the face of these false attacks. 

“As the Co-Chair of the New Mexico SAEK Memorial Task Force, I have worked with State Auditor Tim Keller for 3 years in shining a spotlight on New Mexico’s untested Sexual Assault Evidence Kits. He is a champion for sexual assault survivors. He is focused on public safety and ensuring accountability among the agencies responsible for fixing the problem,” said Connie Monahan, Statewide Coordinator for SANE and Co-Chair of the New Mexico Sexual Assault Evidence Kits Memorial Task Force.

“This website that exploits harmful images of children and generates fear is an injustice to survivors and is disrespectful to the work that Tim Keller has done to make New Mexico safer for all of us. It is remarkably discouraging to see positive steps in legislation designed to protect our most vulnerable citizens, our children, now portrayed in the most misleading manner for the sole purpose of maligning another candidate. This type of negative press only serves to create a LESS safe community by suggesting so very incorrectly that our legislators supported unsafe bills. To suggest that Tim Keller, who did support well written, informed, evidence based legislation that truly protects children, is anti-child safety, is unconscionable,” said Kim Alaburda, Executive Director of the New Mexico Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs.

The Truth on False Ethics Attacks

Want the truth about recent false attacks?

This week we saw the release of multiple public polls which confirmed that we are leading the pack! However, almost on cue, we are seeing nearly daily attacks (from the NRA, anti-sick leave groups, and GOP lawyers) on our efforts to bring a new vision and strong leadership to City Hall.

I have always challenged the status quo and been unafraid to take on entrenched interests, so we’ve known these kinds of attacks would come. Now they are here and it is no surprise the Republican Party, and those opposed to our policies, are making complaints against our efforts.

I am running on a proven track record and real ideas, and that's what separates us in this race. As the only candidate who has run a government agency, every single detail of my career will be picked apart over the next few weeks by my political opponents and well-funded special interests in order to tear down our people-powered, grassroots movement that will truly create change in Albuquerque.

I have dedicated my career to open and ethical government, and take any issues of transparency seriously. This goes hand-in-hand with our commitment to public financing, a process in which we are in compliance with the City Clerk and campaign auditors.

Our dedication to being the only clean election campaign requires detailed, complex, and transparent reporting which we have, and will continue, to follow completely. This includes adhering to the $38,019.10 cap on the in-kind donations recently in the news. In preparing for public financing our legal team studied the laws closely and mapped out a process that is in line with the procedures used by candidates for mayor and council, including the current mayor, since 2009.

I believe there should be an alternative to big money politics, which is why I made the choice to do things differently, to run with public financing. Our campaign has followed the law as it currently exists, and the often complex, sometimes contradictory rules. It is important to remember that those attacking us are the same ones funded by payday lenders, private prisons, and city contractors who rely on “relationships” with a mayor.

We are so fortunate to have a shared vision to actually get things done, which is supported by a broad spectrum of folks from all walks of life, from libertarians to progressives, of all ages and backgrounds, and that is exactly what worries our opponents.

As we continue our fight to bring immediate crime relief to our families and make real investments into local businesses, what we will need most is help getting that message out. We will continue to spread our positive vision throughout the city because that is what will actually make a difference for Albuquerque families.