Public Financing FAQ's

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
When can I collect $5 for Tim?
The window for collecting $5 contributions is February 16-March 31.
Can I just collect $5 from my friends and family and send it to Tim?
No. To meet the City’s requirements, each $5 contribution must be accompanied by a signed City receipt.
What should I say to people?
Explain what you are doing and why, for example:  “I’m supporting Tim Keller in his campaign for Mayor of Albuquerque. Tim is running as a publicly-financed candidate—which means he must collect thousands of $5 contributions to demonstrate he has sufficient public support to be worthy of public funding for his campaign. Public financing reduces the influence of special interests, eliminates time spent on fundraising and increases time spent discussing the issues with voters.  I hope you will support this clean election process!”
Can a person just sign the petition form without contributing $5?
Yes, but Tim needs both! He won’t qualify for public financing without hundreds of $5 contributions.
Do $5 contributors need to be registered voters?
Yes, $5 contributors must be registered to vote in Albuquerque.
Do Tim’s $5 contributors and petition signers have to be Democrats?
No, the City’s elections are non-partisan. Any registered voter in Albuquerque can contribute $5 to Tim and sign Tim’s petition.
Do Tim’s seed money contributors need to live in Albuquerque?
No. Seed money contributions can come from anywhere! If you have friends who want to support Tim who live outside city limits, this is a great way for them to show their support.
Do Tim’s $5 contributors and petition signers have to vote for Tim?
No! We hope they do, but making a $5 contribution or signing a petition form doesn’t bind anyone to any candidate. However, making a $5 contribution is a way to show support for public financing.
Can a person contribute $5 to more than one candidate?
Can a person sign more than one candidate’s petition form?
Is there anything I can do to make the process faster and easier?
Yes, you are allowed to fill out all information on the receipt and the petition EXCEPT for the contributor’s signature. Just make sure you have the full and accurate information!

When do I need to return my packet to Tim’s campaign?
As soon as possible, but definitely no later than the due date on your packet even if you have not collected 10 contributions. The campaign is required to turn in $5 contributions and signatures weekly, so it is important we get your packet back by the due date. You can always get a new packet if you want to keep collecting.
If you have any other questions, please email Hayden ( or Brittany ( or call 505-750-2275.