Gun Violence Prevention in ABQ

Saturday, June 3, 2017
Contact: Joey Keefe | (505) 259-4471


Tim Keller announces plan for gun violence prevention in ABQ

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. - As local event organizers commemorate National Gun Violence Awareness Day, Tim Keller, candidate for Mayor of Albuquerque and current New Mexico State Auditor, announced his support for policies to combat gun violence in the city.

Keller said that a vision for a safe Albuquerque must include common-sense gun laws. “Albuquerque is too familiar with the toll that gun violence can take on a community,” Keller said. “The threat of illegal guns is a threat to public safety and I will support local, state, and federal regulations that target the trafficking of illegal guns. While respecting the 2nd Amendment, we must also find commonsense solutions that reduces the escalating epidemic of gun violence.”

Policies Keller supports include:

  • Closing gun show loopholes to ensure all gun owners submit to a background check
  • Ending straw man purchases so firearms don’t fall into the hands of criminals and gangs
  • Opposing federal restrictions to the city’s right to access, use and share trace data
  • Developing and using technology to aid in the detection and tracing of illegal guns
  • Coordinate with other law-enforcement agencies to ensure violent offenders are held fully accountable for using guns to commit crimes

Those interested in learning more about Keller’s gun violence policies and other proposals can visit