Keller Qualifies for Public Financing

Saturday, April 1, 2017
Contact: Joey Keefe | (505) 259-4471


Keller Announces Qualification for Public Financing in Albuquerque Mayoral Race

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. - Tim Keller, candidate for Mayor of Albuquerque and current New Mexico State Auditor, announced today his campaign has successfully qualified for public financing after submitting approximately 6,000 $5 contributions to qualify for public financing - far exceeding the required number of 3,802.

“How we elect our next mayor matters. We are fortunate in Albuquerque that candidates have a choice - a choice that rejects big money politics,” Keller said. “It was not easy, but the hard work and dedication of hundreds of volunteers and the over 100 events we’ve held in the last six weeks clearly demonstrate that our campaign is truly grassroots and powered by the people of this city.”

In order to qualify for public financing in the Albuquerque mayoral race, candidates are required to collect $5 contributions from 3,802 registered Albuquerque voters, representing one percent of the city’s eligible voting population. Friday, March 31 was the deadline for candidates to complete efforts to qualify. Historically, dozens of mayoral candidates have attempted to qualify; only a few candidates, including current Mayor Berry and former Mayor Martin Chavez, have reached this goal.

“Instead of a campaign about politics and fundraising, public financing means we can focus on block-by-block discussions to shape a clear vision and develop the big ideas needed to ensure that Albuquerque is a safe, inclusive, innovative safe city that works for all of us,” Keller said.

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