Keller Releases Public Safety Strategy

Tuesday August 8th, 2017
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Keller Releases Public Safety Strategy

Plan Earns Praise from Law Enforcement, Neighborhood Leaders

Today New Mexico State Auditor and candidate for Mayor of Albuquerque, Tim Keller, released a plan and strategy for attacking crime on all sides in Albuquerque.

The plan, titled “Real Solutions for Making Albuquerque Safer”, details dozens of steps that Keller will take as mayor to reform the Albuquerque Police Department to bring immediate crime relief to the city, to end the officer shortage, to support our crime-fighters with modern tools, to end the generational cycle of crime, and to finally get serious about homelessness, substance abuse, and behavioral health.

“We cannot wait any longer to attack crime,” said Keller. “After years of excuses and finger-pointing from City Hall, it’s time we had a mayor step up and own these challenges. It is a mayor’s job to bring a new vision that makes Albuquerque a safe, inclusive, and innovative city that we can believe in. The plan we are releasing today provides clear, concrete actions we will take -- starting on day one -- to get that job done.”

Keller’s plan earned support and praise from a diverse array of former law enforcement professionals and neighborhood leaders including former APD Chief Sam Baca, former Albuquerque mayoral candidate and retired APD Sergeant Paul Heh, State Representative Patricia Roybal Caballero, former USDA NM State Director and neighborhood safety activist Terry Brunner, United States Secret Service Special Agent in Charge (Ret.) Dennis Maez, attorney and former police sergeant Thomas Grover, La Mesa neighborhood activist Charlie Bennett, Town of Bernalillo Police Chief Tom Romero, government HR and organizational specialist Herb Crosby, and others.

Keller added, “I want to thank the many current and former law enforcement officials and leaders from our city’s diverse communities who have informed this plan with their direct and indirect input. Additionally, thank you to the officers and investigators who have been kind enough to take me on “ride alongs” so I can experience first-hand what they go through on a nightly basis. Like all aspects of our shared vision, I believe a mayoral candidate should put forward a thoughtful starting place for a plan, which will be refined, and can actually be implemented.”

The plan can be viewed and downloaded at

The following are quotes of support for Tim’s vision of Albuquerque’s future.

Sam Baca, Former Albuquerque Police Chief, 36 years in law enforcement

“After reviewing Tim's strategy on real solutions for making Albuquerque safe, I believe this plan is excellent. It is both realistic and contains many common sense approaches that will have immediate impact as well as long-term benefit for our city. Community policing is a true way of cutting down crime and bringing the community together. The community policing plan Tim has outlined is effective and progressive.”

Paul Heh, former mayoral candidate, APD Sergeant (Ret.), & veteran

"Tim Keller's plan for giving our city relief from our crime crisis on day one is exactly what we need. I know firsthand what it's going to take to turn things around and that's why I trust Tim Keller to get the job done right."

State Representative Patricia Roybal Caballero

“Tim Keller has a proven track record. He absolutely has done everything he set out and said that he would do, on behalf of this community, and he's done so by demonstrating what progressive values and principles really mean when a job has to be done. And he not only exemplifies what it means to not just carry a label, but to actually work and truly be committed to what he says and is going to do. I whole heartedly support Tim's approach to public safety.”

Terry Brunner, President Obama’s former USDA New Mexico State Director & neighborhood activist on crime

“I recently organized a tour with neighborhood leaders to show mayoral candidates how crime impacts our community every day. Tim Keller came ready to listen and equipped with realistic solutions to our crime problems. The anti-crime plan Tim released today is by far the most thoughtful, hard-hitting and detailed of any candidate. He’s the only one of the leading candidates that isn’t part of the mess at City Hall and brings to the job public sector management experience that gets results."

Dennis Maez, Secret Service (Ret.)

“I’m an Independent; labels like Republican or Democrat aren’t what I care about, I care about substance. The plan that Tim Keller is proposing is solid, it’s broad and it is based on what needs to be done for the future of Albuquerque and its police department. I support his plan for many reasons, the most important being that it will increase the number of officers patrolling the streets of Albuquerque immediately after he becomes Mayor, and it provides the resources and support to fight crime the day he becomes Mayor Keller. Tim Keller’s plan is realistic, and it’s specific as opposed to that of others, the same old “firing the current Chief and hiring more officers.”

Read Dennis’ full letter of support here.

Thomas Grover, attorney and former police sergeant

"As someone who has worked as an APD officer immersed in many of the most crime plagued neighborhoods in the community, as a sergeant in charge of other officers, and as an attorney working to ensure the fair imposition of justice in Albuquerque, I wholeheartedly support Tim's plan. His approach is geared around common sense initiatives, short and long terms goals, and a commitment which shows he'll take care of our community's diverse needs while also supporting the officers who will be on the frontline of turning this crime trend around."

Charlie Bennett, La Mesa Neighborhood

"This is a balanced, common-sense approach that is inclusive of communities and will yield real results for our neighborhoods. It's time we had a mayor like Tim who is willing to face these challenges directly."

Tom Romero, Town of Bernalillo Chief of Police; former APD

“I face crime challenges every day in the Albuquerque metro area and I’m very supportive of Tim's approach to actually make a difference.

Herb Crosby, government HR & organizational specialist

"I support this plan, an inclusive model that can bring different facets of our city together."