Santolina Attacks

Who is behind the false, offensive attacks on Tim?

Today we learned who exactly is behind the false attacks and it's no surprise that Arizona land developer Jeff Garrett came out as the money behind the PAC.

Garrett's recent public comments about crime in our city are a slap in the face to Albuquerque’s frontline officers who officially announced that Tim is their choice for mayor because of his tough stance on crime.

The Albuquerque Police Officers Association is not alone in its endorsement of Tim’s leadership. The Albuquerque Area Firefighters and many former law enforcement professionals also support Tim specifically because they believe he is the candidate best suited to attack the unacceptable crime crisis in our city.

Jeff Garrett’s totally uninformed assertions about jobs also ring hollow. Tim has been endorsed by the ABQWest Chamber of Commerce and local business leaders from across the city for his real plans to put local businesses first, and he has track record of getting things done. As Senator, Tim worked on dozens of bipartisan bills including sponsoring P3 legislation, tax reform, and economic development funding. 

The motivation for these attacks is clear. Arizona developer Garrett has millions of dollars on the line and will lose big without friends in City Hall. That’s why he is using offensive images and accusations regarding children and criminals to scare our community into making him money.

Again, it is absolutely offensive to suggest that Tim would let anyone harm our kids, let alone make life easier for those who do. What the attacks don’t tell you is that as a Senator, Tim fought for and passed the nation’s strongest sex offender laws to date -- laws that included nearly the same provisions these attacks are based on -- and as Auditor, Tim Keller has been a champion for public safety and tackling the rape kit backlog.

That's why victim advocates immediately stood in support of Tim Keller and the truth about his record.