The Keller Connector, April 2017

An Update from Tim Keller for Albuquerque

The past month has been the busiest yet for our #blockbyblock movement. We made a commitment to keeping big money out of City Hall and that choice was rewarded when we officially qualified for public financing!

We would not have been able to reach our goal without every one of the 6,000-plus of you who gave $5 and the hundreds of volunteers who took our message to Albuquerque’s voters.

This is in stark contrast to candidates who are raising huge donations tied to special interests. Our campaign has been -- and will be -- only about the people of Albuquerque.

Thank you for all you do!


Tim Keller 

Albuquerque Journal Talks About Our Success

Did you see this article in the Albuquerque Journal about us qualifying for public financing? Of the 10 candidates seeking public financing in this race, we were the only one to succeed.

Again, we couldn’t have done this without all of the hard work you have put in to show how we get to City Hall matters.

Weekly Alibi Interview

I recently sat down with the Weekly Alibi to share my big ideas for making Albuquerque a safe, inclusive, and innovative city that works for all of us. I thank the Alibi for inviting me to discuss the specific details about my plans as your next Mayor.

If you haven’t had a chance to watch the interview yet, you can view it here.

Community Schools

I’m sure you heard the recent news that Albuquerque Public Schools is cutting all middle school sports programs due to budget concerns.

This is disappointing for several reasons. Once again our children are being punished for failed leadership by adults. City Hall can -- and should -- do more to step up and fill existing gaps in our public education system.

That’s why one of my top objectives as your next Mayor will be to coordinate with APS to establish citywide “community schools.” Through this kind of partnership we can create after school and summer programs and extracurricular activities for our kids.

In the News

My staff at the Office of the State Auditor and I have been hard at work battling fraud, waste, and abuse across New Mexico.

Our recent efforts include:

Get Involved

Now that we’ve qualified for public financing, we want to focus on sharing our vision for a safe, inclusive, and innovative city. Our people-powered movement needs volunteers like you. Can you help?

Click here to volunteer for canvasses, phone banks, office work, house party hosting, and more>>>

Thank you for helping us get this far. Onward to the election!


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