The Keller Connector, May 2017

An Update from Tim Keller for Albuquerque

Our #blockbyblock movement is heating up as we get closer to summer!

Team Keller has been focused on the issues, talking to voters about the issues that matter most to them, from reforming APD to creating good-paying jobs at our local small businesses.

I have enjoyed getting to know you at house parties, phone banks, canvasses, and other events the last few weeks. It is so exciting to see how many Burqueños are passionate about making Albuquerque a safe, inclusive, and innovative city that works for all of us.

Thank you for all you do to help us get to City Hall!


Tim Keller 

Women for Tim Keller

Last night more than 100 women attended the launch of Women for Tim Keller! A panel of community leaders discussed why they support Tim for Mayor of Albuquerque and a range of issues affecting our city, including how to create more jobs and inspire young people to emerge as leaders in the community. Thanks to all of the Women for Tim Keller Co-Chairs and panelists, and everyone who attended last night’s event!

Contact Brittany at to learn more about Women for Tim and get involved.

Be a Tim Keller Ambassador

On Saturday, May 27th join us for the launch of our Tim Keller Ambassador program. Meet other Tim supporters and learn how to represent Tim in your neighborhood, at community meetings and more.

This campaign is different, we’re not asking you for a financial contribution, we’re asking for your time and commitment to help us take this campaign #blockbyblock. RSVP here or contact Hayden at 

KOB Talks about My Goal for an Energy Neutral Albuquerque

A few weeks ago I announced my plan to make Albuquerque a truly energy neutral city with the goal of getting the city’s energy bill to net zero. This would save taxpayers money and make Albuquerque a national leader in renewable energy. There is no reason for any city government building to not be solar-powered.

Local Working Families Endorse Tim

The Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters endorsed Tim for Mayor of Albuquerque, citing Tim’s plans “that will raise the quality of life and make investments in our neglected neighborhoods.” Tim is committed to creating jobs for Albuquerque’s small businesses, which are the backbone of the local economy.


In the News

My staff at the Office of the State Auditor and I have been hard at work battling fraud, waste, and abuse across New Mexico.

Our recent efforts include:

Get Involved

As always, there are many ways to get involved, and we would be grateful for any support you can provide.

Click here to volunteer for canvasses, phone banks, office work, house party hosting, and more>>>

Thank you for helping us get this far. Onward to the election!


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