Where Does Tim Keller Stand on Sick Leave?

You may have seen flyers suggesting Tim is opposed to the Healthy Workforce Ordinance, which will be going to a vote on October 3rd, or you may have heard some candidates suggest that this ordinance is a job killer or will hold back our economic development. Are these claims true? 

In fact, Tim supports the Healthy Workforce Ordinance. As a father to two young children, with a wife who works full time as well, Tim recognizes how important sick leave is for our working families. No one should have to choose between caring for themselves or a loved one, and being fired. None of us wants to catch a contagious illness because the cook at a restaurant was unable to take a sick day without fear of retaliation. 

The truth is that we cannot have a productive workforce unless we have a healthy workforce. Sick leave policies are not put in place to harm responsible business owners who treat their employees fairly; they're in place to constrain bad actors who won't treat their employees fairly. Studies have shown that sick leave helps prevent the spread of influenza and other illnesses. 

Our opponents want voters to believe there is no way to change the law once passed. That is absolutely false. A mayor and the council can work together to fix any unintended consequences of the law - without altering the substantive provisions.