Tim Keller Qualifies for Mayoral Ballot

Saturday April 15th, 2017
Contact: Joey Keefe | (505) 259-4471


Tim Keller Qualifies for Mayoral Ballot

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. - Tim Keller, 2017 candidate for Mayor of Albuquerque and current New Mexico State Auditor, has collected 7,312 petition signatures. As of Tuesday, the Albuquerque City Clerk’s Office had validated 3,400 for qualification, exceeding the 3,000 required for mayoral candidates to appear on this year's ballot.

“What’s clear is that our block-by-block movement is resonating with Albuquerque voters,” Keller said. “We are running a people-powered campaign without the big money and outside influences that too often corrupt our politics, and people of every political party are appreciative of that aspect of our campaign.”

Earlier this month, Keller was the only candidate to qualify for public financing.

Candidates for mayor have until April 28 to submit at least 3,000 valid petition signatures to the City Clerk’s Office. Keller said qualifying to appear on the ballot so early will allow his campaign to focus specifically on the issues.

“Thanks to hundreds of dedicated volunteers, we have been able to connect with thousands of voters in a short amount of time,” Keller said. “Now we can truly focus on the big ideas that are going to make Albuquerque a safe, inclusive and innovative city that works for all of us.”

Further information about Keller’s plans as mayor can be found at www.tk4abq.com/abqworks.