Plan to Combat Violent Crime

Saturday, June 24, 2017
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Tim Keller Announces Plans to Combat Violent Crime


ALBUQUERQUE - Tim Keller, current New Mexico State Auditor and candidate for Mayor of Albuquerque, today announced plans modeled on successful national programs including “Operation Ceasefire” and “Project Exile,” aimed at curbing violent crime, including gang violence, in Albuquerque.

“Albuquerque needs and deserves a modern crime-fighting strategy that emphasizes violent crime prevention with a data-driven approach to focus on the most dangerous offenders in our community,” said Keller. “Not only can we have a huge impact on those currently committing crimes, but we can develop innovative strategies that help reduce crime across our community.”

Many large municipalities across the nation, including New York, St. Louis, Philadelphia and San Francisco, are having success implementing similar programs to reduce gun violence and restore the relationship between law enforcement and the community. Data shows that a disproportionately low number of violent offenders account for well over half of violent crime committed in a community.

Features of Keller’s proposals include:

  • Requiring background checks on all firearm purchases within city limits
  • Referring repeat gun crime cases to federal prosecutors
  • Collaborate with federal agencies and state government to reduce the number of illegal guns crossing New Mexico’s borders
  • Conduct a comprehensive review of gun seller licenses within city limits to ensure all are up-to-date
  • Apply a data-driven approach to deploying city resources aimed at violent crime reduction
  • Utilize a problem-oriented policing approach focused on attacking criminal “hot spots”
  • Evaluate and adjust programs based on both quantitative and qualitative research

Keller continued, “We can learn from what’s working in other cities and create an Albuquerque solution that meet our unique needs and utilizes best practices from across the nation to reduce violent crime and keep our families safe.”

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