Over 100 women help launch "Women for Tim"

Thursday, May 18, 2017
Contact: Joey Keefe | (505) 259-4471

Over 100 women help launch “Women for Tim Keller”

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – Yesterday at Kei & Molly’s Textiles - a women-owned business that focuses on hiring refugees and immigrants - local women leaders launched their grassroots efforts in support of Tim Keller’s candidacy for Mayor entitled “Women for Tim.” The group will reach out directly to voters, attend community meetings, and speak out all across Albuquerque on behalf of the Tim Keller for Mayor campaign.

The kickoff event, attended by over 100 women, featured a panel of community leaders who discussed why they believe the policies of Tim Keller, candidate for Mayor of Albuquerque and current New Mexico State Auditor, will best serve the women who make up over half of Albuquerque’s population.

“Since his time as a state senator representing the International District and now as State Auditor, Tim has shown a commitment to advancing policies aimed at enhancing and empowering women in New Mexico,” said Erin Engelbrecht, Co-Chair of Women for Tim Keller. “Tim brings women to the table and truly listens to their input on the issues that affect them the most, from reproductive rights to equal pay.” 

At the event, Keller also discussed specifics of his platform and priorities for local women that includes:

  • Full Pay Equity: Closing the city’s pay equity gap until wages are 100% equal
  • Gender Equity in City Staffing and Contracting
  • Ending the city’s rape kit backlog: Prioritize funding to #endthebacklog over vanity projects
  • Preserve and protect our full range of reproductive rights and options that are some of the country’s strongest
  • Strengthen anti-Domestic Violence and human trafficking programs in APD
  • Promote family-friendly policies within the city, including accommodations for breastfeeding mothers in the workplace and even in the justice system
  • Sick leave and family leave guarantees along with incentives for city contractors to support these policies

“I couldn’t be more excited to endorse Tim for Mayor of Albuquerque, and I have full confidence that he will continue working with Albuquerque’s women in City Hall to strengthen the rights of women in our community,” said Engelbrecht.

“I am so humbled by the support our campaign has received from women all across Albuquerque,” said Tim Keller. “It is time we commit to making Albuquerque the most equitable city in the nation by focusing on policies that improve the quality of life for the women of our city and their families.”


Women for Tim Background:

Panelists: Nyika Allen, Khadijah Bottom, Rep. Patricia Roybal Caballero, Marjorie Theodore Germain, Kei Tsuzuki

Co-Chairs: Nyika Allen, Hon. Nancy Marie Bearce, Khadijah Bottom, Hon. Patricia Roybal Caballero, Hon. Lisa Curtis, Hon. Diane Denish, Erin Engelbrecht, Hon. Dede Feldman, Dr. Veronica Garcia, Marjorie Theodore Germain, Hon. Diane Gibson, Diana Dorn Jones, Lissa Knudsen, Molly Luethi, Michelle Otero, Ona Porter, Hon. Maggie Hart Stebbins, Hon. Mimi Stewart, Dorothy Temer, Kei Tsuzuki

Women for Tim Launch Committee: Penny Aceves, Nyika Allen, Donna Anderson, Hon. Elizabeth Armijo, Stephany Arroyo, Barbara Baca, Ana Bacon, Louisa Barkalow, Hon. Nancy Bearce, Sally Beers, Anzia Bennett, Mindy Benson, Karen Bentrup, Alice Bergman, Khadijah Bottom, Peggy Breault, Anita Briscoe, Kali Bronson, Leigh Brunner, Sandy Buffett, Kathleen Burke, Kathy Bushnell, Traci Cadigan, Molly Callaghan, Kathy Callan, Ana Canales, Ellen Coplen, Merrie Courtright, Lisa Croft, Hon. Lisa Curtis, Diana Delgado, Hon. Diane Denish, Marianne Dickinson, Michelle Doran, Diana Dorn Jones, Theresa Dunn, Maya Durvasula, Erin Engelbrecht, Hon. Dede Feldman, Marilyn Finkelstein, Lisa Franzen, Justine Freeman, Peg Galbraith, Dr. Veronica Garcia, Katie Gardner, Ilsa Garduno, Alice Geesey, Katie Gentry-Funk, Maggie George, Marjorie Germaine, Hon. Diane Gibson, Robin Gibson, Patricia Giraudo, Ruth Gonzales Baca, Cheryl Gooding, Cynthia Grady, Marlene Grant, Carolyn Green, Dana Grubesic, Nina Grunseth, Maria Guzman, Megan Haney, Erika Harding, Hon. Maggie Hart Stebbins, Elace Hearic, Penny Holland, Terri Holland, Lisa Hoper, Molly Hopkins, Jessie Hunt, Patti Ivory, Shireen Jacob, Janelle Johnson, Reyna Juarez, Diane Kahl, Naomi Kistin, Sidney Kistin, Liz Kistin Keller, Lissa Knudsen, Adrienne Koplik, Patricia Kuning, Kathy Kunkel, Ellen Leitzer, Ivory Lentz, Patti Lentz, Meggin Lorino, Molly Luethi, Michelle Mares, Kristina Martinez, Casey Mason, Liz McMaster, Michelle Meaders, Fran Meadows, Eleanor Milroy, Sharon Moeser, Ariana Montez, Pilar Moreno, Casey Neal, Elizabeth Olton, Michelle Otero, Amy Packman, Danika Padilla, Janet Page Reeves, Marla Painter, Suguna Pappu, Wendy Parker-Wood, Hon. Candelaria "Candy" Patterson, Ona Porter, Angie Poss, Penny Rembe, Teresa Rembe, Nancy Rice, Hon. Patricia Roybal Caballero, Amy Ryan, Nicole Salinas, Nannie Sanchez, Rachel Sanchez, Shelle Sanchez, Andrea Scott, Elena Sharnoff, Dory Shonagon, Christine Sierra, Brittany Silvas, Nkazi Sinandile, Geneva Smith, Jenna Soherr, Hon. Mimi Stewart, Laura Stokes, Debbie Stover, Sandra Stulberg, Kristine Suozzi, Manjeet Tangri, Nicole Taylor, Dorothy Temer, Sally Alice Thompson, Barbara Thomson, Kei Tsuzuki, Marit Tully, Laura Valdez, Connie Vance, Tylka Vetuka, Debbie Weissman, Jane Wittrup, Mary Wommack